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If you are suffering from stained and discolored teeths then, Teeth whitening treatment is the best solution for you. We are at Dr. Nudrat Dentist, Dubai offers best quality, quick and affordable teeth whitening treatment to help you achieve beautiful, sparkling smile.

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In teeth whitening treatment, your teeth are bleached in order to whiten them during teeth whitening. Your teeth won’t become shining white, but the color can be lightened by many shades.

Teeth whitening works like magic. It enhances your face value without much hassle ang gives you a very fresh look. After all, who does not want your pearly white to be whiter. If you are looking for a smile makeover this the most minimal invasive effective procedure.

It takes away all the external stains and makes the teeth whiter up to 8 shades lighter. How does it work? The oxidizing agent reacts with the outer stain molecule, leaving a cleaner-looking tooth.

Generally hydrogen peroxide[35-40%] is used in chair side whitening. Now whitening could be of 2 type Chairside i.e. single sitting at dentist’s office.

Results are quicker and more effective. There are different systems some require light activation some don’t. And there is no superiority for light activation in terms of result.

However light does make the process faster. Home whitening kits are slow acting and hence need to be worn overnight or long hours for 15 days or more time depending on manufacturer instruction.

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Dentistry includes the practice of teeth whitening, which should only be done by a dentist or another licensed dental professional, like a dental hygiene professional or dental therapist, under a dentist’s direction.

Teeth whitening services are offered by some beauty salons, but performing that without a dental professional present is illegal and could harm your oral health.

Additionally, DIY kits for at-home teeth whitening are available, but they could also be risky.

Tooth discolouration has a variety of causes. Even though many reasons are preventable, some are beyond our control. Discoloration is brought on by following things:

  • Drinking Cola, Alcohol, Tea, or Coffee frequently
  • Consuming tobacco and smoking
  • High fluoride consumption in childhood
  • Accidental or traumatic injury that results in lasting decay in developing teeth
  • The aging process can also cause teeth to get stained.
  • Additionally, a number of medical procedures can discolor teeth.

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To track the success of the therapy, your dentist will first take a picture of your teeth. Additionally, this is done to evaluate your teeth for discolouration.

After a checkup, the dentist will start by cleansing the tooth. He will remove the covering that additional chemicals or the food you eat have caused to build on your enamel. After this, the bleaching process starts. Depending on how severe the tooth stains are, the complete process might take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes.

Your dental professional will first cover gums before using a whitening substance on your teeth. The dentist may advise you to continue the procedure at home for just a few days if your teeth are severely discolored and some whitening chemicals require laser therapy to be used on them.

You can also choose a home whitening procedure, in which case your dentist will design a mouthpiece that is specially fitted to your teeth based on an impression of your teeth. This makes it easier for the teeth-whitening agent to remain in place.

Additionally, without a prescription whitening solutions are available, although they are only effective on lightly discolored teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatment


Teeth Whitening Treatment Done In Clinic

Teeth Whitening Done In Clinic


Teeth Whitening Treatment Clinic in Al Barsha Dubai

Meet Dr. Nudrat, for dental whitening treatment in dubai and know more about different options and solutions for teeth whitening.

  • Consultation with the dental expert.
  • Know more about different treatment options.
  • Get to know if you are candidate for teeth whitening
  • Get answers for all your questions about teeth cleaning and whitening
  • Written treatment plan.
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Is it painful ?

Generally it is not painful. you might feel a minor burning sensation if by mistake the solution leakes which we make sure do not happen.Some times you feel soreness especially in lower front teeth for which your dentist will prescribe you medications.

What precaution i need to take after whitening ?

Just 30 min no eating, drinking and avoiding staining foods (saffron curries) and liquids(soft drinks,wines,) for 24 hours. However most manufacturers say you can but still precautionary.

How long will it last?

1-2 year.depending on person to most hair color/ bleaching you need touch ups the same way. But I'm sure the sitting will be much shorter and faster

Any side effects?

Sensitivity is a common side effect.However a good whitening kit does have a desensitizing agent incorporated in it.some supply aftercare paint too to overcome sensitivity. But if you have sensitive teeth and wish for whitening, I recommend you to start using desensitizing toothpaste for 15 days prior to whitening and continue for next 1-2 weeks.

Do I need special care to maintain it?

Regular 2 time brushing and flossing and twice weekly use of whitening toothpaste just to keep it stain free.

My daughter/son is 14 years old. Can he undergo whitening?

Most dentists agree it should not be done before the age of 16/18 years old. As younger teeth are more porous there are more chances of sensitivity in the younger generation.

How do I opt for home whitening /office whitening?

It's up to your preference. Both are equally effective .Your dentist can suggest you better after doing your check up.

Can my fillings/crown can also be whitened with the same sitting?

No restorations can't be whitened, it'll only work on natural teeth. If you want restoration to be whiten it needs to be replaced.

Is it mandatory to put a crown after root canal treatment?

Not necessarily. However if the damage to the tooth is much due to caries ,which is mostly the case .we need to have a crown.

Do I need any cleaning/scaling before this procedure?

Whitening is a cosmetic procedure so it should be done only when gums are healthy and free of plaque and calculus and hence we always do it in packages with scaling in one sitting and whitening after 1-2 week.but if no deposits gums are healthy no harm in direct whitening.

How do I do home whitening at home? Do I require any special trays?

Yes do require trays to load materials .Some kits have one size fit, some kits are required to make a tray after taking your dental impressions.