Best Dental Crown and Bridges Treatment In Al Barsha Dubai


Dental Crown and bridges are a fixed solution to missing or damaged teeth

Dr. Nudrat Dentist offers best dental crown and bridges in Dubai. When it comes to dental crown and bridges work teamwork plays a crucial role in the field of dentistry. These dental restorations are meticulously crafted by dental lab technicians based on the instructions provided by the dentist. The process begins with the dentist working in your mouth, preparing the tooth and taking an impression, which is then used by the dental lab technician to create the crown or bridge.

Crown restorations are often recommended to strengthen weak teeth, while bridges are used to replace missing teeth with a fixed prosthesis. There are different types of materials used for crowns and bridges, each with its own unique characteristics:

Metal-ceramic crowns: These crowns consist of a metal base covered with a layer of tooth-colored ceramic on top. They are typically preferred for posterior (back) teeth due to their durability and strength.

Emax and layered zirconia: These materials are metal-free options used in areas where high aesthetic demands are placed on the restoration. They offer excellent translucency and can closely mimic the appearance of natural teeth. Emax crowns are generally limited to three units for single missing teeth.

Monolithic zirconia: Another metal-free option, monolithic zirconia crowns are suitable for areas with high stress but low aesthetic demands. While they may not possess the same level of translucency as Emax or layered zirconia, they offer exceptional strength and longevity.
It is important to consult with your dentist to determine the most suitable material for your crown or bridge, taking into consideration your budget and specific needs. Your dentist is the expert who can guide you towards the best choice for achieving both functional and aesthetic results.

Long lasting results depends on the quality of material used for dental crown and bridges, and when quality comes Dr. Nudrat Dentist is on the top who provides best dental crown and bridges in dubai. 

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Crown and Bridges Treatment Clinic in Dubai

During a checkup, we’ll look at the crown and bridgework. We will advise restorative work if any of the following symptoms or indicators are observed.

Indications For Crown Treatment

  • Tooth crack without signs of a problem
  • Deterioration that is deep. There won't be enough tooth structure left after the dentist extracts the decay to withstand a filling.
  • The patient has received or need root canal therapy.
  • A sizable silver (amalgam) filling on the tooth is deteriorating.

Indications For Bridge Treatment

  • One or more teeth are missing in the patient.
  • The patient has a partial denture that is detachable but wants something more long-lasting.

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Dental Crowns Treatment

  • Protects and strengthens weak or damaged teeth.
  • Improves the appearance of misshapen teeth
  • Durable and long lasting solution for tooth restoration.
  • Cost-effective in the long run due to it's durability

Bridge Treatment

  • Lowers the chance of excessive stress on surrounding teeth by promoting a balanced bite.
  • Enables patients to easily ingest
  • Maintains the patient's facial structure
  • Keeps the teeth next to them from moving


Dental Bridges


Bridges are only choice for a long time to repair a missing tooth permanently. Also bridges continue to be more affordable upfront even though dental implants are now another option.

Dental Crown and Bridges Treatment in Al Barsha Dubai


Dental crowns are commonly used to cover a tooth that is weak or damaged, especially if it has cracked. Crowns can also be used cosmetically to hide discolored or irregularly shaped teeth.




In contrast to crowns and bridges, dental implants are not attached to the natural teeth. A titanium post that is surgically implanted into the jawbone serves as the foundation for dental implants. The result is that implants very strong and safe, but also significantly more expensive.



Frequently Asked Questions

How many sittings do we need for the crown and bridge?

2 sittings,1st sitting dentist will prepare your teeth, make an impression and send it to the lab. The 2nd sitting crown delivery dentist will check the fit, color, size, shape all check and will cement it.

How much does it cost?

Depending on which one you need/choose, the price will vary.

Do I have to replace it in the near future?

Generally a well balanced crown or bridge lasts up to 5- 10 years in ideal conditions.

Will it come out?

A well balanced crown and bridge are difficult to fall off.

Can it be recemented if it falls off ?

If the tooth structure inside is intact and the crown is also intact, yes it can.

At what age is my daughter and go for her crown on a root canal treated tooth?

Any fixed restoration after the age of 16/18 years.