If you have a dying tooth or infected dental nerve, endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) is typically the only way to preserve your tooth. Instead of removing and replacing it, you can extend the function of your tooth by restoring it from the inside. 

You might almost think about root canal treatment like a filling that extends deeper into the tooth. It fills the empty nerve chambers down the length of the roots, as opposed to just an opening caused by decay. 

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Dental implants are the gold standard for modern-day tooth replacement. Since they fuse with your surrounding bone, implants essentially become a permanent part of your new smile. Best of all, dental implants can work together to support one or several teeth at a time. They’re the next best thing to having natural teeth all over again.

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Tooth decay (cavities) is one of the most common oral diseases in adults and children. Although not all cavity symptoms are obvious, decay is a bacterial infection that can spread into adjacent teeth or cause abscesses. The key is to intercept it early, remove the decay, and fill the hole or gap that’s left behind. By sealing off the opening with a minimally invasive white filling, you can keep your smile healthy for years to come.

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Ultra-thin dental veneers are crafted from durable, attractive shades of porcelain. They’re precisely shaped, shaded, and bonded to the front of the teeth in your “smile zone” (usually 6-8 at a time.) Once affixed into place, your smile looks dramatically different, but the natural teeth are just hidden behind your porcelain veneers. 

Porcelain dental veneers are ideal for someone who has healthy teeth and gums but wants to enhance their smile. 

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Feeling confident about the way your smile looks is priceless. But if your teeth are dark and discolored, it can detract from your self-confidence. A professional, effective teeth whitening treatment can take your smile to the next level, providing a youthful, healthy-looking glow. Teeth whitening is one of the first things we recommend when you’re considering a smile makeover. Many times, teeth brightening is a perfect stand-alone aesthetic service.

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Revitalize Your Smile With a Deep Cleaning. The process of teeth cleaning involves removing plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth surface using specialized tools and techniques. Regular professional cleanings help maintain good oral hygiene, prevent gum disease and decay, and preserve the natural beauty of teeth.

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If you develop a severe gum disease called periodontitis, you may need tooth scaling and root planing to remove tartar and treat inflamed gums. These deep-cleaning procedures chip off tartar that hardens to the surfaces of your teeth and roots. The treatments help protect your smile and prevent the loss of teeth, gums and bone.

Polishing is done to smoothen the rough teeth surface by a medicated polishing paste, which is applied after scaling.

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When your teeth are properly aligned, they’re at a lower risk of tooth decay, gum disease, enamel wear, and TMJ disorder. Unfortunately, not all of us are lucky enough to have naturally straight teeth. Our variety of dental braces can enhance your smile’s function and aesthetics, transforming it into one of your favorite accessories! 

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