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We are at Dr. Nudrat Dentist in al barsha, Dubai offers best teeth cleaning treatment to our patients and help them to avoid more severe oral health issues including gum disease and cavities, which can result in tooth loss.

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Teeth Cleaning Dental Clinic in Al Barsha1 Dubai

Revitalize Your Smile With a Deep Cleaning. The process of teeth cleaning involves, removing plaque and tartar build-up from the teeth surface using specialized tools and techniques. 

Maintaining regular dental cleanings might be crucial to your overall wellness and health. Actually, regular dental cleanings can avoid more severe oral health issues including gum disease and cavities, which can result in tooth loss.

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What Is a Dental Cleaning?

A regular dental cleaning is crucial for the health of your smile, just as a yearly checkup is necessary for the general health of your body. Its main goal is to remove tartar as well as plaque buildup on your teeth and below the gum line to reduce your chance of getting cavities, gingivitis, and other dental problems and eventual tooth loss. Additionally, it allows your dentist and dental hygienist to check for indications of tooth decay, oral cancer, and other problems with your oral health.

Scaling technique is used during a routine dental cleaning to remove plaque and calculus from above, around and slightly below the gum line.

The length of this normal, non-surgical operation will depend on the condition of your teeth and gums when you arrive. Usually, a dental cleaning takes less than an hour.

Both a dentist and a dental hygienist are involved in the treatment. A dental hygienist will gather the essential information and tell the dentist when this is finished.
The next step is for your dentist to inspect your gums, teeth, and any current restorations after reviewing the hygienist’s observations.

Your specific situation will influence how frequently you need a dental cleaning, and your dentist will decide what’s best for you. For best oral health, dentists often advise twice-yearly cleanings, but if you show signs of gum disease, a shorter interval of every three to four months may be required.

How Does a Dental Cleaning Work?

A dental specialist will conduct a complete examination of your mouth, adjacent facial region, and collar area before starting to remove the plaque from your teeth. This involves taking measurements of your health like blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature, learning about your medical, social, and dental histories, screening you for oral cancer, performing a head receiving a mouth, neck, teeth, and gum examination.

Taking X-rays is another option, which can assist discover anything odd that needs attention or a referral to a specialist. A diagnosis of the existing conditions can be formed after the assessment data has been gathered in its entirety. Following that, a treatment plan can be created to suit your specific needs.

Cleaning can start once these evaluations and recommendations are finished.

Plaque and calculus, two types of soft and hard deposits, are eliminated from the surfaces of your teeth with the help of scaling process. After that, we polish your teeth with an abrasive paste to eliminate any remaining plaque and stains.

Following polishing is flossing because this abrasive paste has a tendency to get trapped between teeth. To help keep your teeth strong and prevent from cavities, a fluoride treatment is performed if necessary at the conclusion of the consultation.

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Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

Attending your regular dental cleanings has three major health benefits, including

  • Oral health maintained for long term
  • Helps to prevent from oral problems
  • Prevention of infections and illnesses of the mouth

Signs that Your Teeth Need a Professional Cleaning

Here are a few signs that you could want teeth cleaning treatment:

1) Sticky Sludge in Teeth
If you notice hard, yellow, or brown layers on your teeth, tartar may be present. Tartar cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone, necessitating a professional cleaning.

2) Poor Breath
You may continue to have unpleasant odours despite regular brushing and flossing, because of a high level of bacteria in your mouth. Cleaning can remove bacteria from your mouth and freshen your breath.

3) Swelling or Gums that Bleeding
If your gums are swollen, red, or bleeds, gum inflammation, the beginning phase of gum illness, may be present. Cleaning can get rid of the germs and plaque that cause gum disease.

4) Dental Sensitivity
If you experience discomfort or sensitivity when ingesting hot or cold foods and beverages, it may indicate tooth disease or enamel erosion. Maintaining good oral hygiene can help prevent further tooth damage.

5) Teeth Discoloration
If your teeth have become discoloured or stained, cleaning can get rid of the surface dirt and recover the natural colour of your teeth.

6) Dentist Treatments
If you have dental repairs, such as fillings, crowns, or braces, have frequent teeth cleaning to keep the dentistry healthy and clean.


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